Sunday, December 02, 2007

Some Interesting Facts About Christmas Greeting Cards

Have you ever wondered how the Christmas card came to be? I found this interesting article while searching the Internet. And if you need help sending your holiday greeting cards, just click on either banner below to contact me and I'd be glad to show you the system I use. It's fast, easy, and economical. Enjoy the article...

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Some Fun Facts About Christmas Greeting Cards
By John Oberhauser

I thought, with the holiday season nearly upon us, that it might be entertaining to look into the history of the greeting card. I discovered an eclectic blend of history, numerical facts, and amusing anecdotes. So let's take a moment during this hectic holiday season to relax and learn a little something about the Christmas Card.

- The custom of sending greeting cards dates back to Ancient China. In order to celebrate the New Year, the ancient Chinese delighted in sending messages of good will. Early Egyptians utilized papyrus scrolls to send their greetings. New Year's tidings were being produced in Germany as early as 1400.

- The origin of the Christmas Card is in England. They are a product of boys practicing their writing skills. The boys would practice by making cards for their parents.


christmas cards

Monday, February 05, 2007

How do you show your clients LOVE?

Send a free Valentines Day Card

What are some of your best practices and tips for making your customers/clients feel special? Are you doing anything special for your clients for Valentine’s Day? If you’d like to share, I’m writing an article about this very topic and would be glad to give reference to you (and your business) in the article. Send your tip to For each tip, you’ll be entered into my Valentine’s Day contest (see info below). I look forward to hearing your responses, and will post the article here on my blog when completed.

Now, one of the ways I like to make my customers feel special is by sending them an unexpected greeting card…when they get some good press, they’ve lost a couple pounds and shared with a list I’m on…anything that they need a little “pat on the back” for or “just because.” And sometimes I even add in a gift card to Starbucks or Home Depot or another of the many gifts cards available. If you’d like to discover how you can send personalized greeting cards to your clients (from your computer, any time of the night or day), go to and request a no-obligation demonstration AND you’ll be entered into our Valentine’s Day Contest to boot!

Here are the Valentine’s Day Contest prizes:

*Ten (10) greeting cards (plus postage) through SendOutCards ($25 value) - 2 prizes, 2 winners

*One personalized handwriting font ($49 value) - 1 winner

Send a free Valentines Day Card

Here are several different ways to enter (You can enter more than one way):

1. Send your tip for making your customers/clients feel special and receive one entry for the greeting card prize. Send 2 tips and receive 2 entries, etc. Send your tips to

2. Request and complete a no-obligation demonstration of our personalized greeting cards and receive one entry for the greeting card prize. Request your demonstration here. (Enter A Card For You! as the coupon code.)

3. Refer someone to me (they must complete the demonstration) and receive one entry for the greeting card prize. They can request their demonstration here. (Have them enter your name as the person who referred them as the coupon code.)

4. Sign up as a SendOutCards customer through me and receive one entry for the personalized handwriting font.

There’s lots of ways to enter! All entries must be received by midnight Central time on Tuesday, February 13. Winners will be announced by Noon on February 14, 2007.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Gift Card Scam - Truth or Fiction?

There's an email rumor going around describing a new scam in which crooks rob you of your gift card balance. If you buy Gift Cards from a display rack that has various store cards you may become a victim of theft. Crooks are now jotting down the card numbers in the store and then wait a few days and call to see how much of a balance THEY have on the card. Once they find the card is "activated," they go online and start shopping. You may want to purchase your card from a customer service person, where they do not have the Gift Cards viewable to the public.

An even better and send your gift cards through your SendOutCards account and never have to worry about this! Don't have an account yet? What are you waiting for? Click here to set up a gift account and try it out!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

How are YOU sending your Christmas cards this year?

christmas cards

This is a great way to save time (and money) sending out your Christmas cards…and have lots of fun in the process! PicturePlus is a new feature of Send Out Cards that allows you to put your own pictures (taken with your digital camera or someone else’s) on the front of a card, add borders, captions, thought bubbles, and word bubbles. Create your card, add your message inside (in your own handwriting font, if you want) and then the company prints, stuffs, seals, addresses, stamps (with a REAL postage stamp) and mails FOR you…and you do it all from your computer!

If you’d like to try it out, click on the banner above and I’ll contact you to show you how it all works. Have fun with your Christmas cards this year!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Send a card for July 4th!

Stand out from the crowd by sending your clients a 4th of July card, thanking them for their continued business. We have a large selection of 4th of July cards, and you're sure to find one that you like!

It's easy to set up a campaign to send to numerous addresses at the same time (and each card can be personalized).

Click here to sign up for a complimentary gift strings attached!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Another happy customer...

"I wanted to let you know how great Send Out Cards is! I had gone for a job interview recently, and when I got home I wrote a thank you note for the interviews and sent them off via Send Out Cards. I sent one to the Operations Manager and another to the HR Manager, and almost as a second thought, to the admin who picked me up at the lobby, made sure I had water, knew where the restrooms are, etc. Normally I wouldn't have bothered sending one to the admin since we only interacted about 5 minutes total, but since Send Out Cards is so simple to use, I thought, "Why not?" I simply changed the name, kept the same address, picked out another card, and mailed it off at the same time. It took me about 45 seconds more than it did to do the first two...

I just got a message back that the cards were a deciding factor on differentiating me from the rest of the applicants that were interviewed, especially one to the admin who really wasn't part of the interview process. They were impressed with my follow-through, but more impressed that I had recognized someone outside the formal process. And they specifically mentioned that the cards were in my handwriting - only WE know that it was done remotely via my personalized writing font! It's a great testimonial for the ease of use of Send Out Cards - I may land my dream job because of it - and I just want to thank you again for introducing me to this wonderful product that helps me stand out from the crowd."

Mary M., Austin, TX

Monday, January 23, 2006

Are you making someone's day?

Over the past few months, I've started sending birthday and anniversary cards to people in my church through the SendOutCards system. When my church newsletter comes, I look through the list of birthdays and anniversaries for the month and enter the dates for people I know in my contact manager. The system gives me a reminder 7 days ahead of time so I can send a card.

Well, I was beginning to wonder if people were receiving the cards or were just too busy to say anything about it. Yesterday when I walked into church, there stood a lady who I had sent an anniversary card the first week in January. She thanked me profusely for the card and said how nice it was that someone had remembered their anniversary!

Then when we were seated in the sanctuary, we sat beside a couple who were celebrating their 35th anniversary that day. And of course I had sent them a card last week and congratulated them on 35 years of marriage. And what did this lady say to me? "Thanks so much for the anniversary card! How did you know it was our anniversary? We really didn't expect anyone to remember!"

That simple act of sending a card had made an impression on both of these women. The thought that someone had cared enough to send a card meant a lot to both of them, in this fast-paced world that we live in.

If you need help mending or building relationships, go to and request your gift account to send two greeting cards with no obligation. Give it a try and find out how cool it is to make someone's day a little brighter!